DAppTotal: CPU Congestion Index Of EOS Mainnet Marks 100% On Nov 11

Updated : 2019-11-13T00:42:30

Citing data released by DAppTotal.com, on Nov 11 (UTC+8), the total consumption of CPU across the whole EOS network was 9,741,489ms, and the congestion index of EOS mainnet marked 100%.

Among 628 EOS DApps, top five DApps on the consumption list were as follows: EIDOS (54.51%), BigGame (2.56%), WhaleEx (1.05%), EOSBet (0.84%), and EosBlue (0.82%).

EIDOS, which has consumed 54.51% of CPU resources, carried out 19,920,000 transactions on Nov 11 with an increase of 10.99% compared with Nov 10.