BHEX Qtum 15 Days Lock-Up 50% Annulazied Daily Return Campaign Has 70% Of Its Quota Redeemed Within First Hour Of The Campaign

Updated : 2019-07-21T12:20:09

According to the official announcement, BHEX co-organize the phase 2 15 days Lock-up 50% annulazied daily return Campaign with Qtum. The campaign started at 10:00 and within a hour after it started, 70% of the total quota was redeemed. It is understood that the return will be distributed on daily basis, once the quoto is fully redeemed or the campaign has finished. Additionally, return from Qtum phase 1 15 days LOck-up 68% annulazied annulazied return campaign will be unlocked this afternoon. Blue Helix is the Leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider, is committed to global customers with financial level digital asset trading and asset management services. BHEX has officially launched BHEX DeFi Market (BHDM, open decentralized financial markets), global developers and technology companies can develop decentralized financial applications based on BHDM infrastructure.