18900 BTC Moved To Coinbase, Then Transferred To Three Addresses

Updated : 2019-06-13T08:54:01

Citing data from BTC.com, at 20:12:38 UTC, June 12, the address starting with 32ixB sent 18,900 BTC (approx. $154 million) to a coinbase address starting with 3Qy5m. The transaction hash is b0fb6a269226467d6198fd2a1ebbc2761554585fbf3997200e6b85db52ed85a1.

At 22:52:06 UTC, June 12, the above coinbase address transferred the 18,900 BTC to three unknown addresses which respectively start with 1EKDD, 1Ki8M and 1Q11w. The transaction hash is cbc24d99af76c969b037ebd3824a0e9b6794e423e261a0c93e9a6694d5919c24.